In Hungary, only our company offers ground-powered, wired datalink multi-rotor aircraft for static applications, which open new possibilities in several fields of use.
As the Hungarian distributor of Elistair, we offer the ground and on-board units of LIGH-T and SAFE-T for our in-house developed and manufactured drones or even other types of small rotary wing aircraft available on the market.



  • It is an excellent tool for static monitoring and supervision activities with an application height of up to 100 m
  • Long-term (up to 8-12 hours) uninterrupted flight - wired ground power
  • Wide range of sensors - capable of housing large and heavy payloads
  • Continuous communication - protected and RF radiation-free wired datalink
  • Can be used safely even in residential areas, in the vicinity of mass events - the cable also protects against the aircraft breaking free
  • The "Tethered drone” does not qualify as an aircraft - simpler conditions of use and operation
  • High mobility - easy to transport and install
  • More wind- and weatherproof design than balloons


  • Wire with 100kg tensile strength
  • Industrial design tested under extreme conditions
  • Secondary power system integrated on board
  • Android application for secure remote monitoring
  • Multiple alarm system in case of failure


  • security technology, air reconnaissance
  • telecommunications
  • industrial surveys, aerial quality control
  • traffic supervision
  • online streaming/broadcasting, other media applications

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