GigaRotor 6


Plan your task and let GIGARotor6 do its job.  From take-off  until landing, the autonomous flight plan ensures speed, accuracy  and  the opportunity for validation. Lose the weight limit. The GIGARotor6 with a load capacity up to 12kg makes various tasks possible which cannot be solved with common UAVs.



Extra payload capacity

Up to 12kg maximum payload capacity to provide for a wide range of special applications such as transporting heavy goods or lifting heavyweight sensors.

IP55 protection

A design that provides protection against rain and dust. Can be used in almost all weather conditions.

Portable design

The detachable arms enable transport within a relatively small space and a quick assembly.

Simplified operation

The entire flight process is automated from take-off to landing. A flight plan is created automatically based on the area of operation.

BVLOS operation

Long-range control and automatic on-board air traffic detection and avoidance system allows beyond visual line of sight operating.

Multifunctional platform

A modular platform ensures the optimal system for the task, whether it is industrial or agricultural surveys, cartographic or law enforcement operations.

ISM/SRD radio

The  SRD  control  and  telemetry radio solution  ensures hassle- free operation in urban environments, in compliance with EU requirements. Available with a NATO compatible version for military applications as well.

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