The GeoRotor4 system is a compact and reliable tool for user-fiendly expert GIS (Geographic Information Science) surveys, which supplies accurate raw material for photogrammetry, 3D modelling and cartography applications as well.
The GeoRotor4 system is equipped with a real-time kinematic positioning system (RTK) to enhance measurement and detection accuracy, so it can be used without compromise in any field of GIS or cartography.
Remote control and datalink elements of the GeoRotor4 system can be chosen in several frequency and quality varieties.The range of the system can be enhanced further with a tracking antenna and special data compression procedures. The controlling ground station is compatible with all of our proprietary SUAV systems.



  • 4-rotor setup
  • foldable
  • autonomous flight capability (autopilot, automatic emergency management, waypoint flight)
  • wide range of available payloads, 4Mpixel Sony Alpha 6000APS-C, 24Mpixel Foxtech MAP-01 APS-C, 34Mpixel Foxtech MAP-A7R Fullframe cameras


  • precision industrial diagnostics
  • cartographic applications
  • GIS mapping tasks
  • a wide spectrum of monitoring and detection tasks requiring a high level of accuracy

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