About us

About us

Rotors & Cams is a definitive player of the Hungarian market for custom UAV systems. Our solutions cover wide area of industrial and agricultural use.


Development of custom solutions, with state of the art technologies.

System integration

Integration of drone technologies with existing industrial or security systems.


Our experts  will assist you finding the system design, implementation and operation details best suited for your project.

Quality assurance

Development and manufacturing of our systems is carried out according to the ISO9001 certification.


We provide long-term warranty and support for our system, tailored for your needs.


Our manufacturing capabilities enable the production of custom systems/prototypes and small or medium batches.




Contact us

If you have any inquiries about our products and/or services, or if you are looking for a technical partner for a completely custom, personalized solution devised for you, please provide your contact information by filling the Contact form.

Rotors & Cams Ltd.

22. str. Rét, Veresegyház 2112 Hungary


10/a-b. str. Fehér, Budapest 1106 Hungary

office: +36 70 477 4731
sales: +36 70 383 9776


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